How to accomplish working out resolution

by - January 02, 2017

It's beginning of the year and probably first resolution on your list is to get healthy and start working out. We all now it's probably going to last for a week (just kidding) but you still need something to keep you going and motivate you, so you don't stop so quickly. I always think of myself as more organized person at beginning of the year. It's probably because I have more time to spend on planning and organizing my life. I would write all these lists or get a planner. When it comes to sports, I am very easy to give up, not just because I can't stand going to gym. I know some of you love gym and all sorts of sports but trust me, I am definitely an opposite of that. What I like to do, is taking long walks or how Americans would say, hiking. I think it's probably one of my favorite and best things ever. Especially when you're doing it with your friends. But there comes the struggle. How to keep up?

That's when fashion comes to rescue. My favorite thing in the world is getting new pair of sneakers or Nike leggings. Laying clothes next to my bed or putting them on hanger so when I wake up, they are right there to remind me that it's time to go out. You can even plan cute sports outfits and take photos for Instagram and if that's not motivating enough, I don't know what is. Also packing a bottle of water and snack in your new Adidas backpack would make whole thing even better. Lately I've been really obsessed with Adidas new sneakers collection. They're really stepping up their game. I will gladly leave for you guys, some of my favorite models so you can check them out:

You can check more models - HERE

Something that usually helps me when nothing works is Pinterest quotes, just type in Working out/Healthy/Motivation quotes and when you find something that suits you and that really inspires you, print it out, frame it and put it in your room somewhere visible. Hope you enjoyed today's post and let me know in comments What motivates you the most?

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  1. Nice tipps! I also like to read some pinterest quotes after that I'm always more motivated :P
    Happy New Year!

    Love, Janine

    1. Thank you Flora :) I even made private board ''motivation', it works so well ^^ I'm glad you're doing the same thing :) Happy New Year to you too <3

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  2. Love the trainers!

    | | x

  3. Great tips babe! I always look for articles or post like this to keep me motivated. Thanks for sharing this!

    Love Ashon

  4. Great tips dear!
    Happy new year!!!

    1. Thanks Emma :) x Happy new year to you too <3

  5. What a lovely post dear! So great and really useful to me, as I would love to get a bit fitter this year. Also yees for Pinterest quotes, always the best thing to keep us going :D xx

    1. I'm sure you will achieve your goal Marina ^^ <3 Good luck x

  6. Divan post draga <3
    Pogledaj moj blog :

  7. Great post! Perfect sneakers!

  8. The only thing that motivated me was knowing I was going to be photographed because I was bridesmaid haha I need some new motivation to get back to the gym!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  9. Pinterest quotes always help!! In addition, I loved all the tips :)

  10. Great blog.

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  11. I need to bookmark this post! Keeping a workout resolution is tough!


  12. Great post dear! I also get very inspired and motivated on the beginning of the year but later find myself actually doing nothing of those things I wanted on the beginning of the year lol :D

    I'm following you on GFC :)

    1. Thank you :) A lot of us do the same but if we accomplish at least one resolution, it would be great :P ps followed you back :) xx

  13. Odlican post!
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  14. I love motivational quotes too =)

  15. nice blog

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  16. Odlični savjeti, koji su mi, da budem iskrena bili potrebni, jer planiram ove godine da se dovedem u red. :D♥

    Zapratila sam te, ako možeš uzvrati, hvala :)♥

    1. Srecno i nadam se da ces uspjeti u tome, hvala puno i drago mi je da ti se dopao post! :) <3 Naravno, odmah cu te zapratiti!

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  18. Love these tips! And especially love that bag and those tennis shoes! :)

    mallory |

    1. Thank you so much ^^ Glad you liked them!