YoShop Spring Bags + Dog Haul

by - March 13, 2017

Hi beauties! I hope you're having amazing week. I just want to shortly explain why I've been gone for a month. There are no really excuses but I had very busy month and I needed break from blogging. However I'm back today with another haul! Today I'm presenting YoShop - amazing brand where you can find so many great things, from technology to beauty & fashion. I've picked few of my favorite items from their large Online Store and I'm so pleased with what I've received. Since I've collaborated with quite a few brands before, this time I wanted to order something for my furry pet as well but let's begin with fashion!

This is probably my favorite bag I've ever order from this kind of Online Stores. As you can see, it's crazy, silly, screaming fun, bright and cool. These bags are quite popular now and stickers are huge trend. However on this bag there are many applications and not really stickers. To be honest, that's even better to me because some stickers can easily fall off and with this bag you don't have to worry about that. There's everything you can imagine: smiley face, ice cream, stars, even an egg. The name of the bag is: Stylish Print and Tassels Design Crossbody Bag for Women (you can check it out HERE).

On the back of the bag you have one more department where I like to place my money, keys or phone. This is not small bag at all. You can fit quite a few stuff inside and it's perfect everyday bag. I like to wear it when I go with my girls out for a coffee. I think it's amazing for upcoming spring. It can transform any boring outfit into the most fun thing ever. However I wouldn't recommend wearing this bag with too many accessories because you don't wanna go overboard.

The second bag I've chosen is this even crazier Smiley Face Bag! There were 3 colors to choose from and I wasn't really feeling the classic yellow one so I decided to choose white! It might be a bit different and unexpected but I want to experiment and play a little bit. I would wear this bag for a shopping day because I can only fit my money and phone inside. But I wonder how it would look at night? This is reflective material and it would be so funny to wear it nighttime. This wink is so funny and I love it. The name of the bag is: Cute Tassels and Smile Pattern Design Crossbody Bag for Women, you can check it out HERE. (Price 28.86$ but currently on SALE: 14.02$)

Last but not least, I ordered few things for my furry dog, as I mentioned. This lovely carpet which is perfect if you have garden or somewhere your dog likes to sunbath, lay and have a nap. Then I saw this portable bottle thing and I loved it! It's perfect when you're going for a walk and your dog gets thirsty (which always happens to me). Item names and links:

- Two Dog Soft Absorbent Non Slip Door Carpet -

- 350ML Portable Outdoor Kettle Pet Drinking Bowl Folding Water Bottle for Puppy-


Hope you enjoyed today's post!

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  1. Loved this post, everything you picked out is amazing and both bags are just the cutest and perfect for spring and summer xx <3

  2. Great post dear !
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  3. I love the first bag its so cute ^_^


  4. In love with the first bag, it's so funky and cute!! The 2nd bag is also super adorable as well as the carpet <3


  5. This is so cute I love your blog <3 Nigit x
    MUA Bristol

  6. So cute :)
    M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/search/label/MariaV.
    Maria V.