Blog Introduction

by - June 01, 2016

Hello dear readers, so today's post is going to be short blog introduction. I'm going to share with you what my plans are and what I will mostly write about.

I think that blog is a great place to express yourself however you want and in any way you'd like. I've always been interested in beauty and fashion. I'd usually find myself scrolling trough Pinterest and trying to find new hairstyles, beauty tips, nail designs and everything else girls are interested in. I try to follow up with trends, new things.

However, one rainy day I was thinking about opening blog and questioning myself if there is something new that myself as future blogger would bring to this community. Then I decided that this blog should be about my perspective of fashion and beauty because that's something I'm most passionate about.

What I personally love to read and see on other blogs are reviews of products I'm interested in, so in this blog you will be able to see a lot of that as well.

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