TOP 5 Essie nail polishes for summer

by - June 09, 2016

Summer is so close and we are preparing and getting ready. However, we can not forget about our nails as well, right? 

My favorite nail polish brand of all time is no other then Essie. It might be pricier then regular nail polishes but if you want long lasting, high quality manicure then this is right thing for you. 

Between many and many of gorgeous colors they have, I've decided to pick my TOP 5 for summer.

1. For the first one, I decided to go with something every type of girl could wear. It's classic and at the same time it's something for everyday. It looks very clean and goes perfect with any outfit and that is: Fiji.

 The “It” Nail Color |Thirteen Thoughts:  

2. Second one is called: Peach Side Babe, one of the most popular Essie polishes from last year. It's beautiful coral red-orange color. It's perfect for beach and it would look good with any swimsuit.  

 Essie Peach Side Babe:

3. Mint Candy Apple - an old Essie color but one that never gets out of trend.Beautiful minty bluish green. Love it! Amazing with long flowery summer dresses.

the perfect mint. essie mint candy apple. I've been looking for a good mint!:  

4. Aim to misbehave - New Essie 2016 color and their 1000th shade - This one is probably my favorite out of 5! Screaming yellow, bright as sun, tasty as lemon, just kidding. If you ever want to stand up on that meeting you have, wear this color and you won't leave unnoticeable.


5. Last but not least - Take it outside. It might look more like autumn/fall color but it's actually great when you need something calmer on your nails. Perfect with white summer dress and a lot of accessories.

One of my Fall favorites this year: Essie Take it Outside (Dress to Kilt Autumn Fall 2014):  

These would be my TOP 5 favorite summer nails. Some of these nail shades were old, some were new. Which ever color you decide to wear would be just fine because Essie polishes have really great texture and they are so pigmented.

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  1. I have millions of nail varnishes, but I have to say, I don't think I own any Essie ones. Looking at these photos, there are such gorgeous colours to choose from so I think I will be adding even more to my collection soon haha! :) x

    1. They really are amazing brand, you should totally give them a try :)

  2. Amazing post! My favorites are Fiji and Mint Candy apple xx

    1. Thanks Marina, they are gorgeous colors I know xx