Denim trend is back

by - June 13, 2016

Back in 80's denim used to be the most popular clothing fabric but it made huge comeback this year. It's not just classic denim jeans that are in trend, but also jackets and skirts are big thing now as well.
Piece of clothing that gives your outfit casual, relaxed style but at the same time makes you feel and look good.

Denim | The Fifth Watches // Minimal meets classic design:  

There are many brands out there who now design denim clothing items. However, my favorites would have to be Levi's and Diesel. I especially love their jeans and I'm owner of quite a few pairs of them. They are the most comfortable jeans you will ever be able to find.  I could stay in them all day long and still feel comfy.

Start your day off with a cup of coffee!:  

We can't forget about denim jacket, item which every girl should have in her closet. If you're having a rough day, you're in a rush, don't know what to wear and you have a lot of things to get done, then just wear a simple white tee and throw your denim jacket on and you are ready to go.

The bigger jacket is, the better! Oversized denim jackets are huge trend now.


From skinny, ripped to boyfriend, my new favorite jean obsession would have to be the ''mom's jeans''. Lately a lot of fashion bloggers write about these. They look amazing either with heels, or flat classic converse. Effortless, modern, in.

 This look is just spot on! Love the old-school 80's jeans. Find similar here:  

Denim is huge part of fashion world. It's something that will never get boring and out of style.  If you're having doubts on what to wear today, just remember ''Denim'', can't go wrong with that, right?

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  1. I love my denim haha :') denim jackets, denim shirts and my jeans! x

  2. I love denim! Really need to get a denim jacket with a larger fit; it looks so cool! By the way, I love your reviews and how inspirational your posts are! xo

    1. You should get it :) Thank you very much it means a lot :**

  3. I love denim especially denim on denim. To be honest i dont own a pair of jeans jacket or vest just never seen one that i like very much especially in my country i am on the hunt for one but still dont see one i love

  4. Denim on denim is so popular now. I've seen many celebs wearing that. Maybe you can check something online? It's hard to find one that fits really perfectly I agree.

  5. Love this post! x
    Morgan |

  6. This post was brilliant, I keep buying so many jeans lately, especially comfy mom jeans and really ripped ones :)

    lots of love, Jane

    1. Thank you Jane :) Yes, those are one of my favs lately.